Date added: 06/01/2015 Dragon Shield Matte Sleeves Now Available

Dragon Shield has released a new version of their popular sleeves: Dragon Shield Mattes. These sleeves have the same strength Dragon Shields are known for, but they add a stippled feel to the back, similar to KMC Hyper Mats. This improves the shuffle feel, as well as making the sleeves less slippery. The manufacturer describes the sleeves as having a "matte design with a unique texture that is pleasing to the touch and shuffles with unparalleled ease." The sleeves are available in 5 colors for now: Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White and are available from CheapCardSleeves in our same great bulk pricing as regular Dragon Shields.

Here are our bulk Dragon Shield packages:

600 Dragon Shields
1,000 Dragon Shields
1,200 Dragon Shields