Date added: 05/05/2015 New from KMC: Hyper Mat Premium

KMC has released a new line of sleeves called Hyper Mat Premium. These sleeves expand on the widely popular Hyper Mat brand by adding a matte front side, reducing glare and allowing for an easier shuffle feel. Additionally, the sleeves have a scratch-resistant embossed finish. KMC Hyper Mat Premiums are the best sleeves for tournament use. The sleeves also come in packs of 50 as opposed to 80 like normal Hyper Mats. This allows easier sleeving of EDH/Commander decks as well as making two 75-count decks easy to sleeve without leftovers.

We are proud to announce that we are able to offer our same low-priced bulk packages for Hyper Mat Premium sleeves. They are available for preorder today!

KMC Hyper Mat Premium - 300ct
KMC Hyper Mat Premium - 600ct