International Shipping

We offer flat-rate shipping to anywhere in the world for bulk purchases to ensure you receive the best value for your money! If you would like to place an order and are an international customer, you can contact us with your order request and we will work to ensure you get the best shipping rate available for your order. Below are our flat-rate international shipping rates and their product limits:


Rate #1: $14.00
Rate #2: $28.75
Rate #3: $41.00

Rest of The World:

Rate #1: $18.00
Rate #2: $47.25
Rate #3: $64.50

Flat Rate Product Limits:

Rate #1: Approximately 1,200 Ultra Pro sleeves; 500 Dragon Shield sleeves; 2,400 Perfect Fits; 1,000 Hyper Mats
Rate #2: Approximately 2,200 Ultra Pro sleeves; 2,000 Dragon Shield sleeves; 4,800 Perfect Fits; 2,400 Hyper Mats
Rate #3: Approximately 6,400 Ultra Pro sleeves; 5,400 Dragon Shield sleeves; 12,000 Perfect Fits; 7,000 Hyper Mats